Monday, August 18, 2008

monthly book club

I started a book club with my nieces and nephews. Each month we have a topic so all of the kids can just pick out a book according the the subject and then we get together and read them. At the end we make some kind of treat and they make a huge mess! Oh well they have fun.

slip and slide fun!

I got the slip and slide out for the kids the other day; Maren had fun, but Taylor thought it was the coolest thing ever. Taylor was so excited about it that she would walk all the way up the hill all by herself. She would get a running head start and then she would stop at the top of the slide and throw herself down it with a huge smile on her face. It was fun to watch. 

Naughty Mat

Taylor wont stop pulling her sisters hair so she has been spending some quality time on the naughty mat! This is how she feels about that.