Thursday, February 17, 2011

we have moved

We moved our blog to wordpress...I just like it better :)
See you all there!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beach day at preschool

Taylor had beach day today at her "peeschool" and she was so excited. Her preschool is so awesome they are always doing so many cool things. When I picked her up she said they went on a cruise and they made fishbowls with fake fish in them and got a cool dolphin necklace and a beach ball to play with at home. She had a great day today.

 Then Maren had an assignment at school today. The assignment was if you could plan an entire week of playing with friends what would your schedule be like, draw a picture to describe it. She only had 2 days of the week where she was playing with friends and going to church. She had a day of playing with Taylor, Me and Jon...what sweet kids I have :)

Our new favorite winter activity

This is in Park City and it's right off of the Kimball Junction (I think) exit. We have been teaching the kids how to ski this year and they are having a ball. This hill is so perfect for teaching kids how to ski. They have a small magic carpet and you can just walk along side of them and help them down. Then when they have figured it out the hill is so small you can just watch at the bottom of the hill while they do it all them selves. The other great thing about it is it's only $10.00 for a whole day!

Then when they are done skiing on the other side of the magic carpet there is a tubing hill and of course my kids LOVED it.
This is Lauren's first time sledding, I couldn't even get her to crack a smile. She didn't cry though so I'm going to count that as she liked it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

The wind was insane the day we took our pictures, but we knew we couldn't wait another day because we wanted to do a fall picture. Anyways due to the wind the pictures didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them to, but they are family pictures all the same :) I'm glad I got what I have and that's all that matters. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow Fall 2010

We woke up the other day and it was snowing. The girls had to go to school so they couldn't play in it and they were so sad. I promised them that if it was still snowing when they came home they could play in the snow. So when we pulled up to the house and it was still snowing they jumped out of the car and started catching snowflakes. 
I tried to talk them into gloves in the first place, but they had to learn the hard way :)
We came inside to make hot chocolate and I made it too hot so they were complaining to each other about how hot I made it.
At least it made their hands warm.
Round 2...with gloves this time. They played outside for 2 hours and they were sad it wasn't snowing anymore by the time they came in. 
Jon can't deny them that's for sure!