Friday, May 28, 2010

mothers day

                                                            I could not ask for more.
                   My cute husband is behind the camera...thanks for a wonderful mothers day babe

Soccer may or may not be in the future

This was the first year I had my girls in Soccer. Taylor is 3 and Maren is 5 and when I started playing I was 4 so I thought that they were more than ready for it!! Well this is the first game of the season and it started out like this.                                                  
                                                                                 She is no where near the ball, but she looks really cute.

And then a little like this

and a lot of this!
                 Maren is crying because the other team just scored and taylor is playing in the net.

                                               And then this is our last game that we played

I'd say the vast improvement is from the amazing coaching that was going on on that field :)
And then they got there medals....and it was all worth it.


I know I'm a HUGE slacker!
We went to my inlaws for Easter and the Easter Bunny paid my kids a visit there...The kids LOVED it.

Then we went to Grandma Childs house and they had an easter egg hunt.

Duncan was so cute with Maren, she talked about him for days. Love ya bud!