Friday, August 27, 2010

Craft Thursday

So I started craft Thursday yesterday and the kids LOVED it!! I really wanted to start doing something for Maren and Taylor because I feel like ever since I had Lauren our lives have pretty much revolved around her. So hence the birth of Craft Thursday. We had a few kids come over and help out and it was so much fun. The kids made something to go in their windows and hang them up. You just take wax paper and put flower pedals and grass clippings etc. in there and then you fold it in half and iron it together. Then we cut them into whatever shape they wanted and then cut a hole at the top and added a string. They had so much fun and I'm positive that craft thursday will continue from now on :)

Taylors first day of preschool

Taylor's very first day of preschool was on Tuesday. Her preschool is in this cute farm house and she couldn't stop talking about the horses. My family is allergic to horses so we never get very close to them, but she was excited about them anyways. 
The first picture I took of her before we started to walk in.
She gave me a cheesy grin when I made her stop so I could get another picture.
She saw the door and was pretty scared at first but then decided to show me her backpack (below) and then she was all better :)
She RAN into preschool! I was so excited for her. 
When we got into the house and she met her teacher she held my leg and said, "ok mom let's go" I told her that I can't go in and that she had to be a big girl and go sit with her teacher. She looked up at me with her big green eyes and thought about it for a minute and said with her little quiet voice, "Ok mom, I'll be good." She let go of my leg and I watched her go in and I was SHOCKED that it brought tears to my eyes. I guess I was more ready for Maren to go to preschool than Tay. I was sad the whole time she was gone, but when she got back she was so happy and she told me that she wanted to go back tomorrow. I guess she was more ready for school than I thought she was. Maren doesn't officially start school until this Monday so it was pretty hard for her to watch Taylor go to school without her. She survived the week though and I can't wait until Monday, I think Maren can't either!! 

I'm not a morning person...

but they are :) Being a mom sometimes can be so hard...just waking up in the morning can be difficult right? But I got up and fixed them breakfast and I was just standing there looking at my cute kids and thought how lucky I am to be able to see these little faces everyday. They started school this week and honestly it kind of broke my heart...for a minute :) They are so ready for school so it makes it all ok. I just can't believe I have a Kindergartner. I guess I didn't think this far ahead so it's kind of blowing me away. Anyways I love these little turds...they are my life.


We went swimming the other night for the Farmington Volunteer dinner/party and the girls had a ball. The little boy splashing water at the girls is BEN!! Maren's favorite person on this earth :) His family was there and she hadn't seen him since preschool ended and she freaked out when she saw him there. They played all night long and she had so much fun. Taylor played with her favorite person on earth too...her daddy :) so she was set. August was really busy for us this year so I'm glad we found a minute to get away and play with the kids.