Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow Fall 2010

We woke up the other day and it was snowing. The girls had to go to school so they couldn't play in it and they were so sad. I promised them that if it was still snowing when they came home they could play in the snow. So when we pulled up to the house and it was still snowing they jumped out of the car and started catching snowflakes. 
I tried to talk them into gloves in the first place, but they had to learn the hard way :)
We came inside to make hot chocolate and I made it too hot so they were complaining to each other about how hot I made it.
At least it made their hands warm.
Round 2...with gloves this time. They played outside for 2 hours and they were sad it wasn't snowing anymore by the time they came in. 
Jon can't deny them that's for sure!

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